Clark Cable Corporation

Chronology of Clark Consolidated Industries

Chronology of Clark Consolidated Industries
Date Event
1944 Ohio Aircraft Hardware Company started out during World War II as a production screw machine facility manufacturing AN standard parts, aircraft screw machine parts and ammunition parts for the U.S. Army Ordnance. The company was a partnership between James Ed Sandford and William S. Clark. The facility was located at 1549 Superior Avenue.
1945 The two partners acquired Proof Machine & Brass Foundry, Inc., a non-ferrous foundry making brass battery terminals located on East 72nd Street in Cleveland.
1946 Clark Cable Corporation was incorporated for the purpose of manufacturing automotive electrical accessories such as battery cables, ignition sets, ground straps and other allied items that were sold to automotive parts jobbers, wholesale distributors, tire and oil companies and original equipment suppliers to the automobile industry.
1950 Clark Cable moved to 11205 Berea Road in August
1952 Clark Cable moved to 3184 West 32nd Street in September
1953 Test Institute Corporation was formed as an affiliate company for testing specialized hydraulic equipment.
1954 Proof Machine & Brass Foundry and Clark Cable's automotive wire and cable business were sold to Essex Wire Corporation. Clark Cable began concentrating more of its efforts on supplying miscellaneous parts to the U.S. Department of Defense. The name of Proof Industries was formed as an affiliate to manufacture hydraulic valves for military aircraft.
1959 Benmar Heater was started as a division of Test Institute Corporation.
1960 Clark Cable Corporation acquired all the outstanding capital stock of Proof Industries and Test Institute Corporation. The Company offered stock for the first time to the public.
1961 The Company stock was listed on the American Stock Exchange. The underwriter was Robert L. Ferman & Company of Miami, Florida.
1962 Duellman Electric Company an electrical distributor located in Dayton, Ohio was acquired.
1964 Swift Wheel Manufacturing Co. of Detroit, Michigan, a manufacturer of semi-pneumatic wheels, was acquired from Paramont Fabricating Company. Mitchell Electric Supply Co., an electrical distributor located in North Olmstead, Ohio was acquired. William C. Beckenbach started with the Company.
1965 Clark Pulley Corporation was organized by the Company to acquire certain assets of Salem Stamping and Manufacturing Company of Salem, Ohio. The Company started the manufacture of stamped V-Belt pulleys and sheaves for the lawn and garden and farm equipment industries.
1966 Clark Wire Corp. was formed with a plant in Ironton, Ohio on a one-year contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to manufacture concertina barbed wire to be used in Vietnam.
1968 Cleveland Mixer Company of Bedford Heights, Ohio, a manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment, was acquired. J. C. Baxter Co. of Minerva, Ohio, a manufacturer of spirally wound paper tubes and cores, was acquired. Mize-O-Matic Manufacturing Co. of West Frankfort, Illinois, a manufacturer of tire mounting and tube bending equipment, was acquired.
1969 Ohio Valley Products Corporation of Jeffersonville, Indiana, a manufacturer of spirally wound paper tubes and cores, was acquired by J. C. Baxter Co.
1970 Cleveland Mixer Company was sold to Hackney-Jones Inc. J. C. Baxter Co. opened a new facility in Donald, South Carolina to manufacture specialty paper tubes for the fiberglass industry. The Mize-O-Matic plant in West Frankfort, Illinois was closed. All the assets were moved to the Cleveland, Ohio facility.
1971 Clark Cable's defense supply business was sold to an employee.
1972 Swift Wheel Manufacturing Co. was sold to the Indus Division of Carlisle Corporation of Indianapolis, Indiana.
1973 Clark Consolidated Industries Inc. became the new name for Clark Cable Corporation. The Mitchell Electric Supply Co. name was changed to Duellman Electric Company.
1974 Duellman Electric Company opened a branch in Elyria, Ohio.
1976 Duellman Electric Company opened a branch in Sidney, Ohio.
1977 Clark Consolidated Industries moved corporate offices to 20875 Center Ridge Road in Rocky River, Ohio.
1979 J. C. Baxter Co. opened a new facility in Perrysburg, Ohio for the purpose of manufacturing paper tube for the automobile industry.
1980 Clark Pulley Corporation of Alabama started operations in Russellville, Alabama.
1983 Elgee Electric Company of Columbus, Ohio, an electrical distributor, was acquired.
1984 Lighting Plus of Dublin, Ohio, a residential lighting showroom, was acquired by Elgee Electric Company.
1985 J. C. Baxter Company opened the new facility in Minerva, Ohio to replace the existing plant. Clark Pulley closed the facility in Salem, Ohio and moved the machinery, equipment and inventory to the Russellville, Alabama plant.
1986 Whelan Paper Products Company of Cleveland, Ohio, a manufacturer of paper sleeves, was acquired by J. C. Baxter Company. Huron Electrical Wholesalers Inc. an electrical distributor in Huron, Ohio was acquired. Shockney Sales and Service Inc. an electrical distributor in Greenville, Ohio was acquired and started doing business as Duellman Electric Supply.
1989 Clark Consolidated Industries purchased by Willcox & Gibbs Company of New York, New York. Willcox & Gibbs sold Clark Pulley to Agri-Fab of Sullivan, Illinois a subsidiary of Modern Tool and Die of Cleveland, Ohio and sold Baxter Tube sold to Tranzonic Co. of Cleveland, Ohio

Operating Companies Associated with Clark Consolidated:

  • Acme Warehouse
  • Benmar Heater
  • Clarcom Inc.
  • Clark Cable Corporation
  • Clark Cable Corporation of West Virginia
  • Clark Consolidated Industries Inc.
  • Clark Pulley Corporation
  • Clark Pulley Corporation of Alabama
  • Clark Wire Corporation
  • Cleveland Mixer Co.
  • Duellman Electric Company
  • Elgee Electric Company
  • Export Packers
  • G. W. Otter Industrial Sales Inc.
  • Huron Electrical Wholesalers
  • J. C. Baxter Co.
  • Mitchell Electric Supply Co.
  • Mize-O-Matic Manfuacturing Co.
  • Ohio Aircraft Hardware
  • Ohio Valley Products Corporation
  • Proof Industries Corp.
  • Proof Machine & Brass Foundry
  • Salem Stamping & Manufacturing
  • Serenco Inc.
  • Standard Wire Corporation
  • Swift Wheel Manufacturing Inc.
  • Test Institute Corporation
  • Whelan Paper Products Co.

Real Estate Companies Associated with Clark Consolidated:

  • Bec Corporation
  • CMC Properties Inc.
  • Elm Realty Inc.
  • Pac-All Inc.
  • Stock Properties Inc.
  • Strand Corporation